Zelda Fan Makes Impressive Majora’s Mask-Themed Jack-o’-Lantern

Though the heat of summer is still upon many, one Legend of Zelda fan has already carved an impressive jack-o-lantern based upon Majora’s Mask. The game, which took a significantly creepier turn than its predecessor Ocarina of Time, is arguably a perfect subject for something Halloween-related.

Majora’s Mask has passed its twentieth anniversary already, but it’s clear that it still holds a prominent place in many gamers’ minds and hearts. The mask itself sees itself frequently recreated by the fans, not only in traditional mediums, but even as things like baked pies. That’s seemingly the same mindset that went into creating this particular jack-o’-lantern.


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Reddit user and Zelda fan sci_bastian shared their creation with the web, showcasing four images of their design of a Majora’s Mask jack-o’-lantern. The mask itself has been delicately carved, with surrounding pumpkin removed in order to backlight it when the pumpkin is illuminated. The effort looks good, but it’s especially impressive once it’s illuminated and the room dimmed, as the details of the mask become more apparent. According to the artist, they created the design entirely with a traditional pumpkin carving kit, making the work even more impressive.

Fans seem to be quite receptive to the work, praising the effort and asking the user about how they made it. However, several also lamented that the pumpkin wouldn’t last forever, with some expressing sadness that the game-themed jack-o’-lantern would ever rot, while others pointed out that it might not even last long enough to make it to Halloween. Short-lived canvas or not, the artwork is very impressive and would likely make any fan of the series shiver a little spotting it illuminated in the dark.

Right now, most Zelda fans are likely focused on looking forward to the next game in the series, Tears of the Kingdom. The upcoming Zelda title received a brief glimpse of its world in a teaser during the most recent Nintendo Direct. However, Nintendo is keeping the overall plot close to the chest for now, leaving many fans poring over every detail in an effort to decipher what’s going on in the follow-up to Breath of the Wild.

As a sequel to one of the most iconic entries to the Zelda series ever, chances are fans will be comparing the success of Tears of the Kingdom as a follow-up with how Majora’s Mask fared following up Ocarina of Time, once it releases. While eager fans have a while to wait for Tears of the Kingdom, Majora’s Mask is already available to play on Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack. Anyone who hasn’t tried it yet might want to get into a similar spirit to sci_bastian this Halloween and play it.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is available on Nintendo 3DS, N64, and Nintendo Switch.

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