Why ’90s cult film fans will love Serial Cleaners


Ever wonder what happens after an action-packed shootout in a movie? Assuming the police don’t get there first, you’d have to think that someone gets sent over to clean up the mess, right? Shell casings, dead bodies, bloodstains, you name it – it’s all got to go, and in Serial Cleaners it’s your job to take care of it.

The game throws you into all kinds of high-intensity scenarios where you need to sort out a crime scene while avoiding the patrolling authorities and other undesirables. The story is depicted through flashback, as the titular cleaners recount their ‘glory days’ through a filter of 90s cult movie nostalgia. Taking place across iconic era-appropriate settings like old-school arcades, live-audience sitcom sets, and grimy urban locales evoking 90s New York City, Serial Cleaners is a love letter to films from directors like Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, and the Coen Brothers. 

Serial Cleaners

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The homages start on the very first mission, which is set in a drug den inspired by Scorsese’s relatively unknown (by the director’s lofty standards) Bringing Out the Dead, starring Nicolas Cage. Other stages will give you flashbacks too, such as a certain convenience store that’s reminiscent of Kevin Smith’s slacker comedy Clerks, and a train station where you need to extract a mobster who’s in the process of bleeding out (which may trigger memories of a certain Al Pacino flick that rhymes with ‘Crime Don’t Pay.’)


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