Avatar: Reckoning Does Not Look Like Avatar

Gray Frame Corner

Disney presented the Avatar-themed game Avatar: Reckoning.

It is being described as an MMORPG on mobile devices. players will be able to control their avatar in new locations across Pandora.

The Avatar: Reckoning seems to be the next game in James Cameron's universe, Ubisoft's project remains a long way off.

It is more like a PUBGMobile clone, than a grand adventure through science-fiction land. This may scare off many potential players.

The avatar: Reckoning a mobile MMORPG with an emphasis on gunplay. The players will be able to customize their guns and shoot their way through Pandora.

Players will be able to collect various attachments and weapons throughout the game that will aid them in taking out their foes.

Many of the gameplay in Avatar: Reckoning is very similar to other mobile shooters.

Avatar: Reckoning is currently in development for iOS and Android.

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