The best Marvel Comics events of all time


One of the biggest events in the Marvel Universe, Secret Invasion, is getting a Disney Plus streaming series in 2023. As you’ve probably noticed, Marvel Comics is all about big event storylines. From the recent Daredevil-centric crossover Devil’s Reign to the current Avengers/X-Men/Eternals three-way standoff Judgment Day, rarely do months go by in which Marvel Comics isn’t waist-deep in at least one event.

And that preoccupation with events isn’t limited to just Marvel comic books. Civil War (opens in new tab), The Infinity Gauntlet (opens in new tab), Spider-Verse (opens in new tab), and Age of Ultron (opens in new tab) are all comic book storylines that have been adapted into MCU stories, with the upcoming Secret Invasion (opens in new tab) and Armor Wars (opens in new tab) Disney Plus streaming series both having similar roots in comics.


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