Fable 4: Everything we know so far about the new Fable game


Fable 4 is on the way. Set to land on Xbox Series X, the new adventure was first announced back in 2020. Developed by Playground – the studio behind the Forza Horizon series – all we’ve seen of Fable 4 so far comes from a short cinematic trailer, which showcased a fantasy world. While it’s been quite some time since we’ve gotten news on the project, it’s exciting to know the upcoming entry will be bringing the much-loved series back at long last. 

At this stage, it’s almost been two years since the new Fable game was officially confirmed. It’s been pretty quiet on the Fable 4 front ever since, but we’re excited to know a new adventure awaits us at some point in the future. Read on below to find out everything we already know so far about Fable 4. 

Teaser Fable 4 trailer


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